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BPA door handle emergency release

The BPA door handle quick release opens your garage door from the outside by means of the handle.

BPA wireless keypad

The BPA wireless keypad can open and close the garage door without a transmitter or key.

BPA wireless wall control 2-channel

The elegant BPA wireless wall control opens and closes the garagedoor without a remote control or key.

BPA 3-channel external receiver 24V

The 3-channel universal radio receiver on 868 MHz and 433 MHz, can operate up to 3 different openers or applications.

BPA EYE photocell with infrared beam

The BPA EYE photocell safety device identifies obstacles when the garage door is closing: when the infrared beam is interrupted during the closing process, the door stops and re-opens completely.

BPA transmitter 4-channel

This BPA 4-channel transmitter allows you to open and close up to 4 different garages and/or fences.